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This just in: everyone hates Teresa Giudice.

Melissa Gorga is officially done with her Real Housewives of New Jersey castmate, and based on the scenes we’ve watched from this Sunday’s reunion special, we can pretty much confirm:

Teresa won’t be dining out any time soon with Jacqueline Laurita, either.

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Look for the costars to get into it over Laurita’s assertion that Giudice had it in for the Gorgas as soon as they were hired by Bravo. She claims Teresa asked her to take her side in a feud against Melissa and her husband.


"You were telling me what to say and making me uncomfortable," Laurita snaps at Giudice during the reunion. "I had other sh-t going on in my life and you didn’t give a f-ck! All you cared about was exposing them."

When Teresa plays innocent, Laurita REALLY goes off:

"You are a liar, you’re sick – you’re going to Hell!"

In actuality, of course, she’s going on the cover of supermarket tabloids around the country and probably getting a raise from producers.

These Teresa Giudice scandals are why she was hired, aren’t they?