Honey Boo Boo Family Drama: Who are the Daddies?

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Viewers of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo are familiar with the show's six-year old star and her dad, David Mi­chael “Sugar Bear” Thompson, who is also featured on the tragically popular TLC series.

But what of Honey Boo Boo's three siblings and their biological father? The National Enquirer has learned that June Shannon conceived all of her kids via different sex partners - and the three she can name all possess criminal records.

Honey Boo Boo and Family

First there's Thompson, who served five years in a Georgia prison in 1998 for a string of robberies.

Then there's David Dunn, the fa­ther of June’s oldest daughter, Anna “Chickadee” Shannon (who just gave birth to a baby girl herself). He was sentenced to jail in 1995 for stealing a handgun and again three years later for swiping several cartons of ciga­rettes.

Dunn tells the newspaper of June: “She took my vir­ginity and I took hers... Anna looks just like me. They want­ed me to sign away my rights to Anna, but I refused. I don’t know who my own daddy is, and I always want Anna to know who her father is. But June won’t let me see her.”

Then there's Anthony Ford. A registered sex offender in Georgia who served time in 2005 for sexual exploitation of a child over the Internet, he's the father of 15-year old Jessica “Chubbs” Shannon.

He claims to pat $300/month in child support, but says June won't allow him to see his daughter, either.

Finally, according to the report, no one - June included - knows the identity of of 12-year old Lauryn's father.

Says a family insider to the tabloid: “There are all kinds of family stories about who Lau­ryn’s dad is. I don’t think June even knows who it is....

"We’re convinced June never got married to any of her kids’ fathers because she gets child support and welfare payments for each of those kids – if she got married, the money would stop.”

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