Blake Lively-Ryan Reynolds Wedding: How the Heck Did They Pull That Off?

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How did a couple of huge celebrities - possibly even the hottest couple ever - like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively possibly get married in secret?

The answer to that question is several-fold:

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1. Location, location, location. Charleston, S.C., where Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds married Sunday night, is about as far from L.A. as you can get.

2. Local vendors. An E! source says in recent few months, "celebrities have been deliberately going with non-Hollywood planners, caterers and locations."

Moreover, "In the South, wedding planners are used to being hush-hush and low-key about events no matter what. It's just how they do things."

3. NDAs. This is just speculation, but stars often have any staff sign very strict non-disclosure agreements, punishable by seven-figure fines.

4. Marriage license maneuvering. An employee working at Charleston County clerk's office said straight up that, "We didn't do Blake Lively."

However, in L.A. County and other locations, you can get a marriage license from a notary public; town clerks won't receive a copy for 1-2 weeks.

If Lively and Reynolds did so within a few days of their wedding, which is likely, no one except the one notary would know such a license existed.

5. Secrecy. Even some guests didn't know what they were in for, having been told that they were headed to a belated birthday celebration for Lively.

She turned 25 on August 25. Ryan and Blake are notoriously private with their love lives in general, too. They don't flaunt it, no one asks and no one knows details.

That includes her Gossip Girl co-star and ex-boyfriend, Penn Badgley. Asked for details, he said, "I've only heard what you guys have heard."

Penn did say he's extremely happy for Blake, of course.


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