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Mitt Romney’s most effective campaign surrogate stopped by The Tonight Show Tuesday.

Ann Romney, the wife of presidential candidate Mitt Romney, made her late-night debut on Jay Leno’s couch, advocating for her husband and sharing the requisite funny anecdotes, like this one:

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Ann Romney proved herself to be a compelling proxy for Mitt, even if she steered clear of actual policy, when Leno asked for her thoughts on the now-infamous 47 percent video.


Rather than clarify or explain her husband’s comments about Americans who don’t pay federal income taxes, Ann Romney opted instead to convey a sense of the man she knows.

“We care about the 100%,” she said. “I’ve seen this guy through his life do the most extraordinary things. There’s two things about Mitt: He cares and he’s competent.”

Watch two more clips from her interview last night …

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