Amanda Bynes' Car Impounded; Actress Swears She Isn't Crazy

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Suspending her license didn't work. Maybe taking her car will.

Amanda Bynes' suspended license hasn't actually stopped her from driving for over a week - during which she's been pulled over at least twice. No longer.

The actress was pulled over in her black BMW Sunday, and when police ran her license, they gave her a misdemeanor ticket and impounded the vehicle.

A judge ordered her not to drive Friday. She won't be pleased.

Amanda Bynes' Face

Bynes, meanwhile, is shooting down concerns that she's losing her mind and is already in the throes of a potentially devastating mental breakdown.

She says stories about her mental state "are being blown out of proportion" and photos of her smoking out of a drug pipe and driving are misleading.

Bynes says she was just smoking tobacco, despite what appeared to be marijuana residue in her car, and the fact that no one really smokes tobacco out of a pipe.

Several people who have witnessed Amanda's behavior recently tell TMZ that she has serious mental issues, and has been chatting with inanimate objects.

Whatever her state is mentally, legally the 26-year-old is still facing a pair of hit-and-run charges, one DUI charge and her license is still suspended.

Time to get some help, Amanda. And a driver.


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