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In a stunning turn of events, Tyrann Mathieu is no longer a member of the LSU University football team.

The cornerback and kick returner – who was a Heisman Trophy finalist in 2011 and a favorite for the most prestigious honor in college athletics this season – was given the boot by Head Coach Les Miles for violating an unspecified team rule.

Tyrann Mathieu Highlights

Addressing the media this afternoon, Miles told reporters we’ve “lost a quality person… [I] enjoyed going to work with him … we’ll miss him” and added:

“We extended ourselves personally and professionally to him. He has really improved and has a chance to take some steps as a person… The football team’s got to go on. We’ll have to fill the void.”

Might Mathieu now transfer to another program? Miles himself can’t see why not.

“I can’t imagine he wouldn’t want to transfer and go play football,” the coach said.

Mathieu has been nicknamed The Honey Badger. But we’d have to imagine he does give a sh-it about being kicked off the preseason number-one.