Talia Castellano, 12-Year-Old Cancer Patient, Becomes Online Makeup Expert

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Talia Castellano has two forms of cancer, but that's not stopping her from staying upbeat - or gaining viral fame for her Internet makeup guides!

While Desiree Castellano plans her daughter’s 13th birthday party, the youngster hangs out at home, posting for her 130,000 YouTube subscribers.

She’s already a pro at makeup application, offering tips such as taking eye shadows from day to night and why blue is an awesome color to wear.

But Talia Castellano isn’t your typical preteen: she’s currently battling two forms of cancer at once. Options for treatment are running low.

“I’ve always been a really bubbly girl, and my mom always tells me to think about the positive,” she tells People Magazine in an interview.

“Even though cancer is a negative, horrible thing, there are positives. For people to see that there are kids that get cancer … it’s just a true fact."

"Me putting a face on it makes a difference.”

She turns 13 on August 18.

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