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ATTENTION, GUYS: If your girlfriend is anything like this chick … or this chick specifically, you may wanna make a run for it. Immediately if not sooner.

Of course, that’s pointless, as she’s guaranteed to have already attached a GPS tracking device to your car … and possibly sewn one into your jeans.

Witness protection program may be your only hope.

Overly Attached Girlfriend

Basically, those crazy eyes are always watching you, your friends, your Facebook updates, anything. Hope she’s good in bed, ’cause you’re stuck with her!

Overly Attached Girlfriend debuted two months ago, June 6. But she still deserves some love here, as a public service announcement if nothing else.

Fellas, and ladies … if your significant other makes that face at you, just throw your phone in the nearest body of water and haul ass. Work out the details later.

If it wasn’t obvious, she’s spoofing the hit song “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber, but with some interesting new lyrics revealing her inner clingy psycho.

Overly Attached Girlfriend has also become a popular Reddit meme.