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How much would you pay to date Octomom Nadya Suleman?

If you said $2,510, you’re both really good at this game or certifiably nuts. Either way, you can experience the aforementioned scenario. How?

The adult film star, payday loan spokeswoman and otherwise employed mother of 14 is auctioning off a date with herself to earn some cash money.

Wonder how new BF Frankie Grageda feels about this …

Facing imminent foreclosure and removal from her La Habra, Calif., home, apparently Nadya begging fans for mortgage help didn’t do the trick.

Octomom created an online dating profile for a site called What’sYourPrice (dot) com, where users can pay other users to go out with them.

There’s at least some interest out there in the baby factory. Bidding started at a modest $500, and has since escalated to a more respectable $2,509.

Whoever bid that needs a psych evaluation, but $2,510 and she’s yours for the taking. Her profile says she has 14 kids and loves to laugh.

The only question: What the heck you all waiting for, guys!?!

Octomom Nadya Suleman: Would you hit it?

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]