Mark Zuckerberg: Shirtless Pic Leaked on Facebook!

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A photo of a topless Mark Zuckerberg was leaked to the Internet today, fueling rumors that his privacy functions may have just failed epically,

That, or someone's gonna be getting unfriended by the CEO real fast.

The shirtless pic was only up briefly before being deleted, but a screen grab of it - with commentary - is making the online rounds. Pretty funny.

Here's Mark in the undated photo with some friends (presumably):

Mark Zuckerberg Shirtless

The photo of Zuckerberg topless first surfaced on image-sharing site Imgur.

The poster there claims it was "accidentally posted" by Boz, a.k.a. Facebook Director of Engineering Andrew Bosworth, who can be seen on the far right.

Boz allegedly took it down "seconds later," but on the Internet, that can be more than long enough for someone to see it and pass it along to others.

At least he looks like he's having a good time.

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