Loch Ness Monster: Captured (In New Photo, Maybe)!

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George Edwards, a Scottish sailor who has spent the last 26 years searching for the Loch Ness Monster, claims he has the best photo ever of "Nessie."

This may be true, though it's not saying a whole lot.

Edwards takes his boat, "Nessie Hunter," out onto Loch Ness nearly every day, often with tourists who hope to see the creature for themselves.

In November of last year, he took this photo:

Early one morning in November of last year, "I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and immediately grabbed my camera," Edwards said.

"I happened to get a good picture of one of them."

The photo Edwards took shows what he says is the back of one of the Loch Ness monsters. Yes ... one of them. He says there can't be just one.

"It was first seen in 565 AD," he said. "Nothing can live that long. It's more likely that there are a number of monsters, offspring of the original."

Loch Ness, a massive body of water in Northern Scotland, is narrowly connected to the sea at one end, meaning the monster(s) could theoretically come and go.

Capturing the photo at the end of last year "felt good," Edwards said, "because it reinforced my beliefs, and might help convince other people."

The picture, which he waited to release until he ruled out "every other possibility," "clearly shows something that could only be the [Loch Ness Monster]."

As motivated as ever, the 60-year-old Edwards says he will continue searching for more evidence of the creature "until they put me in the ground."

Loch Ness Monster: Real or mythical?

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