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Kristen Stewart has found a role that won’t involve any awkward off-set drama. At least we hope.

The actress has reportedly beaten out Jennifer Lawrence for the lead in Lie Down In Darkness, a big screen version of William Styron’s 1951 novel.

Set in that same decade, the story will find Stewart portraying Peyton Loftis, a member of a dysfunctional family who becomes the target of her mother’s jealous hatred and her father’s alcoholic, incestuous lust. Ewwww.

Kristen Stewart Smiles
(AFP via Getty Images)

Other movie news is a lot more awkward for Stewart these days:

She’s schedule to promote Breaking Dawn Part 2 in the fall… alongside a young man who is currently a mess as a result of her cheating actions.

She’s also attached to a Snow White and the Huntsman sequel… possibly opposite a director with whom she engaged in an affair and who has since been barred from contact with Stewart.

It should be interesting to note the career arc of Kristen going forward. How much will this sordid deed affect her on-screen future? It’s early, but if this role nabbing is any indication, the answer is a resounding: in no way at all.