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Katie Ledecky is 15 years old. But she isn’t shrieking over Justin Bieber or worried about the split of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. At least not at the moment.

She’s celebrating an Olympic Gold Medal!

The high school sophomore, who makes Missy Franklin seem over the hill, kicked her way to a victory in the 800-meter freestyle yesterday, winning with a time of 8 minutes, 15.63 seconds. That’s an American record.

“I didn’t really expect gold, but I’ll take it,” Ledecky said soon after the race, which enabled her to become the second-youngest American woman to win individual Gold.

Ledecky said she grew inspired by what Franklin and Michael Phelps accomplished, using those two champions as role models prior to her only event of the Games.

“I got really pumped up when I saw that Missy and Michael had really good swims,” Katie, a Maryland native, said. “I was ready to scream when I saw Missy’s race, but I kept it to myself and used it as extra energy.”

And, girl, did it ever work.