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Justin Theroux celebrated his 41st birthday Saturday, but the actor-screenwriter had other plans that he’d been dying to follow through on for some time:

Getting engaged to Jennifer Aniston.

On August 10, the pair of 15 months sat at a corner table at Blue Hill restaurant in Manhattan, but the celebration was just getting started.

Justin Theroux at the Gala
Photo via Getty Images

He proposed, and she gave him “an extraordinary gift” by accepting. “He’s been dying to do it,” says a Theroux pal of popping the question.

“His friends knew it was coming for months.”

Immediately after Aniston’s heartfelt yes, “Jen cried” and called her dad, a confidante says, adding that Theroux’s proposal was “simple.”

“Everyone is really excited for them,” adds a source.

“It’s amazing to see how happy Justin has made Jen since they first got together, and everyone was always hoping that he would propose.”

Friends say that Justin is a perfect match for Jen.

“They have the same low-key attitude about life,” says a member of the duo’s inner circle. “They just click and complement each other.”