Empire State Building Shooting: Civilians Wounded, Gunman Reported Dead

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Details are still coming in, but multiple news outlets confirm that a shooting has taken place outside the Empire State Building in New York City.

According to The Associated Press, at least three civilians were wounded in the attack, while the gunman is now dead.

Empire State Building

It's unknown if a police officer at the scene took out the shooter, but a fire department spokesman says it received a call just after 9 a.m. and sent multiple units to the scene within minutes.

The incident took place at 34th Street and Fifth Avenue.

This tragedy follows the July 20 shooting that claimed 12 lives in Aurora, Colorado; and the August 5 shooting that left seven people dead inside a Wisconsin Sikh temple.

UPDATE: Sources tell The New York Post that a total of 10 people were shot, with two killed: the gunman and an innocent bystander. The newspaper cites a "dispute between coworkers" as the basis for the melee.

UPDATE: Jeffrey Johnson has been identified as the shooter and Mayor Michael Bloomberg has issued a statement in response.

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