Best Butt Discount: Woman Receives Surprising Credit on Fast Food Receipt

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Receipts aren't usually viewed as a tool for hitting on someone, but one fast food chain apparently thinks outside the box when doling out "discounts."

One woman was surprised to look down at her receipt from a burger joint and find "Best Butt" and "Best Looking" were itemized along with her meal.

The "compliments" even netted her a $0.02 discount! Woo!

Best Butt

It doesn't look like this is a fake: Consumerist notes that the burger chain in question has a cash register system that allows "fun discounts" to be added.

Two points: 1) PETA is going to love the tagline at the bottom; 2) We can only imagine what would happen if Kim Kardashian walked into this place.

She'd earn some major deductions, no doubt, based on the evidence above ... but she could also potentially be charged extra for Most Annoying.

Best Butt discount:

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