America's Got Talent Recap: Semifinal Shenanigans

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We're down to six on America's Got Talent, as the NBC hit reformatted its concluding rounds this year.

Which act stood out? Which do we think could be remaining on the finale? Read on for a rundown of the latest moves, shakes, notes, impressions and grades...

The Scott Brothers

Andrew De Leon - Andrew seemed destined to make it to the semifinals even with his inexperience because of that underdog sob story. There seems to be a disconnect between his falsetto with his lower notes and he continues to lack any charisma whatsoever. He still was a strong opening to the show and hit his high note correctly.
Grade: B

Todd Oliver – After a second chance, I continue to question Todd’s material. The stage was “The Todd Oliver Show,” and while the Prince Harry joke was topical, I felt as though some of the jokes sounded familiar. The dog-based quips can only go so far for me and I’ve hit my threshold.
Grade: B-

Donovan & Rebecca - After a great shoulder balancing, Rebecca showed both agility and grace as she spun around. They did the right thing to go with more enthusiastic music and one has to point out that Rebecca is doing all the lifts in heels which throw off a person's center of gravity. I also appreciated that they did the neck lift which didn't seem to work as cleanly as it did on Britain's Got Talent
Grade: A-

Edon - It seems like Edon's voice seems to be going through a bit of a shift since we first saw him. He decided to perform a slow version "What Makes You Beautiful" and he should be credited for attempting a different arrangement. Some of his higher notes were screechier than he used to be, considering that "Titanium" can sound like someone's killing a cat. Notice that he had to go low at the end to make the vocals a bit stronger. If anything, the song was age appropriate.
Grade: B+

The Scott Brothers - After going for a "fun" spirit, the brothers decided to be technical and dedicated their performance to their mother. The two decided to go for a mannequin based routine. Conceptually, the piece looked great though there were color blending issues where they would meld with the background. They were technically sharp and the tempo changing near the end of the routine worked well. I preferred the comedy, but it was still strong.
Grade: B

Eric Diddleman - Diddleman decided to aim for Howard this week as he made Howard color his self-portrait from the auditions. The colors were painted in as Howard botched his coloring because Howard accidentally made the goatee the same color as the devil horns, but the rest of the act worked well. The circle/triangle act made no sense to me but it was a good waste of time.
Grade: B+

Turf - Turf's goal this week was to be more dance-friendly. The contortions of his mouth worked perfectly as he contorted faster than he ever did. The increased speed made his contortions feel dance-like. His glides were a time waster, but flip into contortion was amazing. Turf has continued to perform better each time.
Grade: B+

Bria Kelly - Our country music YouTube struggler was tense as she practiced this week. She decided to choose Pink's "F-ing Perfect.” The song has a strong narrative, which matches the country aspect, but she didn't match the spirit of the song. I didn’t notice during her original performance that she had an insane vibrato. The key change was a smart move as was the high note at the end. It wasn't the best, but it was better than her last performance.
Grade: C+

Joe Castillo - Our beret wearing artist needed to fit an epic story in 90 seconds and immediately created a very hippie message of peace. His profiles of people are great and whoever was in charge of coloring did a great job. The act felt even shorter than 90 seconds because of how much time he spent on single images.
Grade: B+

William Close - William and his earth harp collective had four new instruments and his wife on stage with him basically as a human-violin of sorts. The performance must be a joy to watch in person because there was so much happening. The vocals could have been better, but in an odd way the flaws work with the organic sounding instruments. One didn't even notice the fact that the drummers were doing ballet.
Grade: A-

Tom Cotter - Tom decided to provide "comedy on demand" and Howie picked College. Not only did he get a Diddleman joke through, he had some great drug/sex jokes. His material was edgy and pushed boundaries which were perfect for what he needed. It's a difficult road to choose a comedian, but he has a wonderful shot to win.
Grade: A

Academy of Villains - The academy took a risk and one of the dancers broke her kneecap during practice forcing the group to readjust all their choreography. The speed of the routine was unexpected; their use of dubstep made sense. Some of the transitions between formations could use some help. I liked that they slowed down to "Secrets" and appreciated the doorways they used. While I'm still not a huge fan of mimes, the performance was fun.
Grade: A-

Only three acts can make it through and my personal choices are Tom Cotter, Diddleman and William Close. Academy of Villains did a great job and going last may leave a lasting impression, but they will probably split their votes with Turf and The Scott Brothers.

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