Zombie Theme Park: "Z World" Bound For Detroit?

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If entrepreneur Mark Siwak has anything to do with it, Detroit's economy may soon have new life breathed into it by ... the undead. How's that for irony?

He is hoping to bring a zombie theme park called "Z World" to the motor city.

"Z World" would be a massive, 200-acre theme park, a "survival ride" of sorts where people stay the night and try to fend off zombies. Good times!

If players are caught in the night, they would turn into zombies and go chase their friends, he says. So it's like zombie apocalypse meets laser tag.


From Rudy Eugene to Karl Laventure, zombies among us are all the rage these days. But would a park based around something like this be a real draw?

Siwak, who is trying to raise $140,000 to create "Z World," said that Detroit is a perfect fit as parts of it almost resemble a post-apocalyptic town.

Siwak said of the plan: "There are formal proposals to essentially abandon some Detroit neighborhoods. That's not a solution. We must be more creative than that."

"Let's start something fun and unique to revitalize an area and create jobs."

It's true, if you were going make a zombie theme park, Detroit seems like the place to do it ... plenty of vacant lots, and the real estate prices are a steal!

So far, Siwak doesn't have too many supporters, however. His fundraising page at indigogo has only raised $4,231, more than $135,000 short of his goal.