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Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders made it to first base, that much cannot be denied.

Each has apologized for his/her actions and photos of the actress and director make it clear they were engaged in a game of tonsil hockey.

But an exclusive Gossip Cop report backs up Stewart’s labeling of her dalliance as a “momentary indiscretion,” stating the star and her Snow White and the Huntsman director only “kissed passionately.”

Kristen Stewart Smiles
(AFP via Getty Images)

They NEVER HAD SEX, a source tells the site.

This clearly doesn’t get either completely off the hook. But will the information be enough for fans to ease up a bit on Kristen? Will it mean Sanders remains with his wife and two children? And, most importantly to Twihards, will it cause Robert Pattinson to turn around and move back in?