Lil Bub: The World's Largest, Permanent Kitten!

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Bub the "perma-kitten" - a cat with a genetic disorder that will keep her kitten-sized with kitten-esque features its entire life - is on the verge of viral stardom.

"She's the best living thing on the planet," says Bub's owner, Bub (yes, the same name) Bridavsky of Bloomington, Ind., of his truly one-of-a-kind cat.

Bub's dwarfism keeps her limbs are disproportionately small relative to the rest of her body, thus her short, stubby legs and a weird, long, serpent-like body ...

Her lower jaw is very short compared to her upper jaw, and her teeth never grew in, which is why her tongue is usually hanging out. Poor Lil' Bub.

Not that anyone loves her any less for it. In fact, the cute cuddly ball of fur already has many clicking on videos of her and following her on Twitter.

Bub's Facebook page is blowing up too. Gotta love the web.

Bridavsky says Bub was not bred to be small, it just happened, and that she "squonks, squeaks, gurgles, snorts, hiccups, purrs and sometimes even growls."

"She also occasionally meows, but even those sound kinda funny."

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