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Kirk Cameron, who caused an uproar by calling homosexuality unnatural, detrimental to society and immoral in an interview with Piers Morgan in March, is at it again.

Well, a lot more subtly this time.

The National Organization for Marriage has just released a video labeling Cameron “one of America’s most important champions of marriage.”

It’s an apparent tip of the hat in response to his vocal opposition to gay marriage, and suffice it to say, gay rights activists are far from pleased.

Kirk Cameron: A Champion of Marriage

“Kirk Cameron and the anti-gay activists at NOM are making a claim that Americans know to be false,” GLAAD President Herndon Graddick said.

“This rhetoric won’t work anymore. Communities across this country love and cherish their LGBT neighbors, friends and family members.”

Cameron’s anti-gay views are not as expressly stated this time, but the implication of the video above is that marriage only applies to heterosexuals.

“If we want a great future in this world, we have to take God at his word,” the former Growing Pains star says in the “Champion of Marriage” video.

“God makes it really clear that society and civilization is really held together by the glue of families… It needs to be a home that is full of faith.”

“In order to have that kind of a home, marriages need to be strong because that’s ultimately going to serve as the foundation for our family.”

“When a man and a woman say ‘I do,’ they are committing for a lifetime to love each other and to model what love is and what forgiveness is and what joy is to their kids.”

Seemingly everything Cameron said about marriage should go for anyone taking vows, regardless of the sex of the spouses. Or so you would think.

Apparently NOM thinks otherwise, though. The group’s latest press release praises GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney‘s anti-gay marriage stance.

What do you think? Same-sex marriage: