Karen Klein Donation Tally: HOW MUCH?!?

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A few weeks ago, bus driver Karen Klein was harassed by students in ways that were inexplicably horrendous. They mocked the 69-year old to no end, at one point even saying her kids should commit suicide because she's so ugly.

It was an experience no one should ever go through... but there is a silver lining, and it's covered in wads of cash.

Karen Klein Photo

Very soon after video of Klein's bullying went viral, Internet users started to collect donations for the victim. Within 24 hours, $9,000 was raised to send Klein on a much-needed vacation.

But the story spread and the money kept pouring in. And we now appear to have a final tally for the amount that total strangers gave to this mocked bus monitor: $703,873. That's not a typo.

The seventh grade boys responsible for the taunts have all been suspended for an entire school year. They've also been ordered to complete a bullying prevention program. Let's all hope they learn a valuable lesson.

And let's all hope Klein makes the most out of this windfall. We might not go as far as to say the vindictive mockery was worth it, but... well... $703,873!!!