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Inappropriate, many parents say. Disgusting, some claim. 

Adorable, others maintain. Cute and funny, too, they say.

Like anything related to parenting, there is no universal opinion about the bikini onesie, a piece of baby apparel that’s become popular of late.

Onesies such as “What happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s” and “No dating allowed” are a dime a dozen … but a two-piece for a girl?

It’s far from rare to see the infant-sized cotton bodysuits labeled with clever sayings, jokes, references and other innuendos, but this one is causing a stir.

If you’re looking for a baby shower gift, you can go really, really wrong with this sort of thing … or you can be a huge hit! High risk, high reward stuff.

What do you think? Too far to imply that your eight-month-old is a sex object, or simply a fun change from typical boring babywear? Vote in our poll:

What’s your take on the bikini onesie?