Ashley Greene, Major Cleavage Cover Cosmo

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Ashley Greene is featured in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, and let's just get this out of the way: the spread is nowhere near as hot as the photos of this Twilight Saga star in Esquire.

But few things in life are.

The actress still manages to show off some serious cleavage on the cover, as you can sit back and ogle here:

Ashley Greene Cosmo Cover

Oh, Greene also talks about her love life inside the "Hot Issue." Check out a couple excerpts from her revealing interview below:

Will she get married? “I’m not one of those girls who sits at home thinking, By 25, I have to be married. Right now, I’m like I’m 25, I need to book my next movie! My parents have such a beautiful marriage. I’m not someone who takes it lightly. So I’m not going to get married until I know I’ll be with someone forever.”

Does she have a type? “It’s about chemistry and a connection. I’ve changed so much over the past 10 years. What I wanted when I was 16, I didn’t want when I was 20, and that’s changed to something else now that I’m 25. Having a type is not for me”

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Greene in Nylon
Ashley Greene just wanted to be a model. She was told, though, that she wasn't tall enough to be a runway model and should instead focus... More »
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Ashley Michele Greene