Arnold Schwarzenegger: Back on the Prowl, Nearing Divorce

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When it comes to the dating scene, Arnold Schwarzenegger won't be back, ladies. He is back!

Witnesses tell TMZ that the ex-Governor was all over some 25-year old female at Bagatelle in West Hollywood Friday night, grinding up on his acquaintance and even swapping some spit.

Alas, Arnold and this new gal pal left the establishment separately.

Pic of Arnold Schwarzenegger

As for Schwarzenegger's divorce from Maria Shriver? Shelve those reconciliation rumors. Insiders say the legal split is most definitely happening, perhaps as early as this week.

Moreover, Schwarzenegger is actually the one now pushing for it, with Shriver allegedly leaning toward a reunion with her cheating ex.

We have a feeling she'll quickly get over that, however. All she needs to do is rewatch Arnold's performance as Mr. Freeze to understand why.