Matthew Fox Takes Plea Deal, Avoids Jail in DUI Case

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On balance, it was a pretty decent week for Matthew Fox.

The former Lost star's crotch-punching accuser dropped her (yes, her) case against him yesterday, and today, he struck a deal to avoid jail for DUI.

On the downside? His Lost co-star Dominic Monaghan said Fox beats women. Often. And stood by the comment. Not good PR there. Hey, 2-for-3.

Matthew Fox, Goatee

Fox was pulled over in Bend, Oregon, on May 4. Police observed the actor swerving out of his lane, decided Fox was intoxicated and arrested him.

In exchange for serving no jail time, Fox pleaded no contest to one count of DUI. The star's driving privileges have been revoked for one year.

He also can't drink alcohol during that time period, and must complete a drug and alcohol treatment program. If he does, the case disappears.

Whether his reputation recovers is a more open question.


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