Marcus Santos Pushes for Alec Baldwin Prosecution

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When Alec Baldwin appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman Wednesday night, he was in a joking mood, mostly laughing off the altercation he got into with a photographer on the streets of New York City Monday.

But Marcus Santos, the victim in this alleged attack by the actor, sat down with Good Morning America yesterday and found the entire incident far less funny.

"I feel headaches, and my jaw is hurting me," Santos told George Stephanopoulos of the aftermath, insisting that he never hit Baldwin with a camera but Baldwin did strike him in the face. "I was trying to move back to soft the blow. He just lunged at me."

Marcus Santos on GMA

Santos says the picture that ended up on the front page of The New York Daily News does not capture the proper "angle" to depict Baldwin's punch, and that all he wants to do is snap photos in peace.

"I'm just feeling so embarrassed to what he did to me. I like to take a picture and my picture be on the front page, not me be on the front page. I'm a news person. I record news, I go there and take my pictures I don't want to be a part of the news."

But he does want to see Baldwin prosecuted. Along with his attorney, who also appeared on GMA, Santos said he hopes the law gets involved so what happened to him "doesn't happen to anyone else."

Baldwin, meanwhile, doesn't seem overly contrite.

As the US Supreme Court readies to announce the health care ruling, [Daily News Editor] Colin Myler has ten "reporters" and "photographers" outside my bldg... he Tweeted yesterday.

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