Lifetime to Lindsay Lohan: NO MORE Driving!

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The production company that somehow hired Lindsay Lohan for in Lifetime's Liz & Dick is pissed that she crashed her car ... as she isn't supposed to drive at all.

The insurance policy the production company took out made it crystal clear that the hot mess is not allowed to get behind the wheel in any way, shape or form.

She even has an assistant - who she initially said was driving when she lied to the police after hitting an 18-wheeler this month - so it's unclear why she would.

Nevertheless, she broke the rules, and the powers that be aren't pleased.

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The insurance company that issued the policy, which would take a major hit if Lindsay couldn't complete the film, was extremely reluctant to take the risk.

Big surprise there. The company set numerous conditions, one of which being banning Lindsay Lohan from the roads, where she's been an absolute terror.

As for the consequences, the insurance company hasn't attempted to cancel the policy or take action ... yet. It helped that Lohan was back on set that day.

For its part, the production company has made it clear to the traveling train wreck that Lindsanity stops here: NO DRIVING for the rest of the film, or else.

As for collapsing due to exhaustion and not waking up when people come to your door, prompting unnecessary 911 calls? No word if that's also forbidden.



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