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In case you’ve been trapped in a cave without Internet access for the past few weeks, Justin Bieber’s new album came out TODAY. It’s available RIGHT NOW. We won’t be offended if you run off and purchase it.

Are you back? Okay. Good.

In promotion of “Believe,” Justin called in to Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning and addressed a number of topics, first confirming that, yes, he did pen the track “Maria” after the Mariah Yeater baby scandal.

Justin & Hailey at the Met Gala

“I couldn’t really talk about it when it was happening,” Bieber said of the tabloid circus. “Every interview I was like: ‘I can’t really talk about it.’ So, to be able to actually talk about it on the album is really awesome.”

Why include the song on the CD?

“People didn’t forget about it, it was still in the headline news. So, to be able to talk about it and really say my side of the story and really just express myself, I feel like that was the best way to do it.”

Among many other subjects discussed by the Biebs…

Which of his two fragrances does Selena Gomez like best? “I think she might like Girlfriend. I think my fans needs to go out and check it out and see what they think.”

How has he remained so successful? “I always want to prove people wrong, of course, when people see someone come up so fast, and so young, singing pop music, they think how long can this really last? But, I was 15 when I recorded ‘Baby.’ So, I was young and I’m growing and I’m evolving and I’m changing. I have so many great mentors that I’m looking up to, to just help me be the best that I can be as an artist. I don’t see myself going anywhere for a long time.”

Does he really have a studio in his van? “Yeah, it’s basically not for singing, but for me to make tracks and stuff, like a keyboard, and Logic, which is the program to make the stuff with.”

Who are his influences? “I look up to different people as far musically, like Michael Jackson is someone who I look up to, but as far as in my personally life my mom is someone who I also look up to. Because she’s given up a lot and is a really strong woman.”

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