Jersey Shore Cast: BALLING After Inking New Contracts

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With this much cash money flowing in, it's amazing the Jersey Shore cast still does its own laundry to go with all that hardcore gym and tanning action.

The roving gang of hooligans from Seaside Heights, N.J., were angling for an $10,000 a season not so long ago. Nowadays? Chump change.

The Situation, Pauly D and Snooki are each taking home $150,000 per EPISODE, according to a new report ... or $1.8 million per season. Man.

Hey, advertisers pay MTV big bucks because you love to watch Deena and Snooki nude and making out. Don't hate the players, hate the game.

Jersey Shore Cast Pic in Italy

That's not including a reported $400,000 signing bonus they got at the beginning of the season, or additional money for reunion specials, etc.

The rest of the cast isn't doing quite that well, but JWoww still brings in about $100,000 per episode and Vinny Guadagnino makes $90,000 per.

Sometime lovebirds Ronnie and Sammi each bring in about $80,000 per installment, while newcomer Deena Cortese earns $40,000 an episode.

Must suck to make that much less than your colleagues, but $40,000 a week to get wasted, flash your kooka and get arrested in mid-day?

That's good work if you can get it.