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Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell is not happy about recent tabloid reports that she’s pregnant again (she’s not), and points the finger at a surprising figure.

Earlier this month, In Touch matter-of-factly declared that she and fiance Tyler Baltierra were happily expecting a child. This was not the case. At all.

“I want to set the record straight. I’m not pregnant,” Catelynn said. “My mom lied.”

Wait, what?

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The shocking deception started in early June, when the reality star’s mom, April Baltierra, informed the magazine that Catelynn Lowell is pregnant again.

April arranged for a friend to “confirm” it in an interview and even sent documentation of the pregnancy from a doctor who supposedly treated Cate.

Then, a woman identifying herself as Catelynn did a phone interview with the celebrity gossip magazine – from a cell phone with Tyler’s voicemail on it.

A private investigator “with beyond a reasonable degree of professional certainty” that the voice of the interview subject “is the voice of the mother.”

“I love my mom, but it’s frustrating,” says the college student. “It crosses the line.”

“We feel violated,” Tyler adds. “I’m shocked that she would go to this length.”

“I don’t know how she can sleep at night,” Cate’s dad, David, says of his ex.

April’s con allegedly involved her warning In Touch not to contact Catelynn again after the interview because stress could cause her to “lose the baby.”

In a series of angry phone calls and texts after the hoax was exposed, April claims “Catelynn was fully aware of the story. She knew all about this.”

April also says she is homeless … whatever that’s worthy.

For her part, Catelynn wants fans to know she’s “absolutely sorry” for everything that has happened and despite her mother’s hurtful and erratic behavior.

On the plus side, the engaged step-siblings say it made them stronger. “You either grow together or you grow apart,” says Tyler. “We’ve grown together.”