Bethenny Frankel Weight Loss & Lifestyle Tips: What is #1?

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Reality star Bethenny Frankel of The Real Housewives of New York City and Bethenny Ever After fame is coming out with a new novel and talk show as well.

That's on top of her Skinny Girl margarita line and everything else tied in with her extensive brand. When does she have time for cheating on Jason Hoppy?

We're kidding, mostly. But this skinny girl is a busy girl. What kind of weight loss advice does she dispense to women on the go in this lightning-fast age?

Paul Bernon and Bethenny Frankel

Recently, Frankel talked about dieting and how she maintains her figure (and sanity). Some of her tips on how to get the body, love and shoes you deserve:

  1. Eat good stuff. “I used to starve, then binge, and was 25 pounds heavier. I tried every diet from Beverly Hills to South Beach," she says. Don't do that.
  2. Realize there is no perfect. “I know there is no ‘right’ way of doing things ... The more you see your own ideas work, the stronger you’ll feel.”
  3. Cry if you want to. “Martha Stewart told me that women in business don’t cry. I say crying’s fine as long as you’re doing your job.”
  4. Network. "I've always been someone who hustles. I got on The Real Housewives by going to a polo match in the Hamptons, where I met the producers. I’d rather be shot than go to one now, but I cherish the RH experience.”
  5. Don’t go into debt. “I was anxious about money but still spent too much on dumb things. At one point, I owed like $20,000. It was suffocating.”
  6. Be authentic. “Power is not how bold you are or how much you say. It’s about being true to yourself. Be the person you believe you are.”
  7. Have your makeup done right. “Before I could afford a pro, I’d go to the department store counter. It only cost $50 and was worth it!”
  8. Look hot for less. “If you’re fit, you don’t need to buy expensive clothes. But don’t skimp on the essentials, like a really good bag and shoes."
  9. Do the plank pose. “It’s the best for getting flat abs. I do yoga two or three days a week for myself and for my state of mind.”
  10. Find your sex sweet spot. “Like Nike says, Just Do It!"


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