America's Got Talent Recap: Stand-By Showdown

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The judges have chosen from the cream of the crop. Now, with only 20 spots left for the stand-bys to battle for the live shows, it's make or break time on AGT.

While the decisions were generally obvious, a handful of head-turners succeeded.

Without ice blue contact-wearing Andrew, we instead we left to focus on our struggling bone-breaker Turf. At least Turf didn't choke under the pressure.

Who else made it through? Let's find out in THG's America's Got Talent recap!

America's Got Talent Panel

Magic - Hawley Magic had the dramatic floating act with the twist that the man was also flying, but it was an elevator act. Please set it to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" for full cheese factor. Giani with cold sores spelled Milan as "Bilan."

It seemed a bit too instantaneous than predictive. Jarett & Raja used the phrase "diamond in the desert" and I was hoping they'd make one Aladdin reference. Their act was a disappearing act with a small orchestra popping up.

It showed that they had the ability to widen their act for Vegas stage.

Advanced: Jarett & Raja, Hawley Magic

Bands - The All Ways continued their hair band spirit and still managed to make Christina Aguilera edgy. I'm still getting Straight Adam Lambert. Wordspit the Illest! had a nice combination of modern with Frank Sinatra.

The HillBenders, Dillon Gavin and Friends, and The Emily Anne Band all seemed to have mediocre reception after average performances. The Distinguished Men of Brass upped their choreography though I still can't get Busch Gardens out of my head.

Advanced: Distinguished Men of Brass, The All Ways, Wordspit the Illest!

Danger - LionDanceMe reminds me a lot of any Lion dance troupe you see during Chinese New Year, but still fun to watch. Cliff's Demo Team is a YouTube example of how to beat up potential child molesters.

Kota Sports has been shadowed by the judges BMX choices. Serengeti Steve had too much fun with a venomous cobra; I now imagine how fun he would be in bed.

Advanced: LionDanceMe

Kids - Lil Babywockee was trumped by the Turf storyline. On the other hand Lil Starr had no tapper against her and she upped her game.

Danielle Stallings was strong, the Cos Family was average, Tevin McGuire lacked eye contact, Unity in Motion did Black Swan with minor mistakes, and Williams Brothers (like Babywockee) were shadowed by the advanced Scott brothers.

They tried to up their game but it looked the same.

Advanced: Lil Starr, Danielle Stallings, Unity in Motion

Aerialists - Summer sounded like she was forced to change to the hoop; it was pretty but lacked edge from the chains except for the neck hang.

Benn Mendoza Circus combined Alice in Wonderland and Pride week. Donovan & Rebecca added a lot of danger to their act considering they did a lot of strength work and Rebecca was spinning furiously that it made me dizzy.

Advanced: Donovan & Rebecca

Rap - The rap acts seemed a bit less contemporary and more hysterical which upset the most contemporary sounding Rob Hayes. He lacked the full band that Wordspit had.

The Rhymatist sounded too 90s, Svet had some really good speed and violin skills, and Granny G had a burlesque act that was quite funny.

Burton "what cha gonna do?" Crane, used the same exact back beat and replaced the phrase with "what kind of girl do you think you are?"

Advanced: No One!

Dance Groups - Battle Born was a bit too much of the same, Old Shoes/New Shoes was fun but can't hold a full stage, and LCD performed "Bad Romance" to "Happy Together."

The Scott Brothers were much more creative than the Williams Brothers. Inspire the Fire (aka Black Glee) dressed like theme park performers, lost passports, broke ankles, and vomited on live television. I love Glee, but I dislike them.

Advanced: Inspire the Fire, The Scott Brothers, LCD (Lisa Clark Dancers)

Novelty - After having some epic visual judges choices, there were a lot of "other" in this group. David Garibaldi and his CMYK's did a lot of the same except with Elvis. I hope they go blacklight in one episode.

The ventriloquist looked even crappier. Michael Nejad player did great on the wheelbarrow then turned to the shovel. Mike Price reminded me of Matt Wilhelm last season.

The two bits should have been under dance and not "novelty" but they took it in stride. Big Barry continued to sound awful, but pandered to the judges.

Advanced: David Garibaldi and his CMYK's, Mike Price, Michael Nejad, Big Barry

Solo Dancers - The story was Turf is amazing, Stepz is his main competition, the partially deaf b-boy, and Lindsey Norton as the point of difference.

She's doing gymnastics like a beast, while all the other men were forms of hip-hop. Stepz shouldn't have used props and would have possibly ditched the shirt.

Advanced: Elusive, Lindsay, Turf