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Ted Kaczynski, better known as the Unabomber, recently updated his Harvard alumni class notes, listing his “occupation” and “awards” in a morbidly amusing submission.

In the Harvard alumni magazine, the Class of 1962 shares tales of helping inner city kids, serving on the federal bench, summering in Normandy and so on.

It’s a fairly distinguished, upstanding crew. Except for Ted, who just started his 15th year at the federal maximum security prison in Florence, Colo.

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Before he was the “Unabomber,” who was sentenced in May 1998 to eight life sentences for killing three people and injuring 23 more, Ted was an academic.

Kaczynski’s class note appears, in its proper alphabetical place, just ahead of Joseph Kadane’s. Kaczynski, 70, hilariously lists his occupation as “Prisoner.”

Those eight life sentences he puts under “Awards.”

Under “Publications” he lists his infamous 50-page “Manifesto” against the modern world, which The New York Times and The Washington Post agreed to print in exchange for Kaczynski’s promise to end his bombing campaign.

Which, ironically, is how it played out. It was that rambling diatribe that led to his capture, as Ted’s brother recognized the writing style and alerted the feds.

Kaczynski’s campaign of terror lasted nearly 20 years and escalated in the late mid-late ’90s before a need for attention ultimately led to his arrest. Typical.