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The Voice revealed its final four last night, with the judges (in two of four cases anyway) weighing in to influence the results. Who moved on to the finals?

The coaches had to split 100 points between their two singers. Combined with America’s votes, those point totals would determine which would move on.

Of course, two copped out and awarded them 50-50, which shouldn’t even be allowed. If you’re not going to go at least 51-49, why even have this step?

The Voice: Team Christina Final Elimination

In any event, Christina gave Chris Mann and Lindsey Pavao each 50 points.

“I really wanted America … to be the deciding factor in this case,” she said, leaving it up to the voters, who kept opera singer Mann and sent Pavao home.

The Voice: Team Christina Final Elimination

Adam Levine, despite saying that “both of you guys have improved so much and come into your own,” gave Tony Lucca a 60-40 edge over Katrina Parker.

That was enough to propel Tony into next week’s season finale.

The Voice: Team Christina Final Elimination

Blake Shelton, like Xtina, split points evenly between Erin Willett and Jermaine Paul, saying, “You’re looking at two of the best vocalists on the planet … I don’t want to be a part of this decision … it’s up to America now.” Jermaine won out.

The Voice: Team Christina Final Elimination

Cee Lo Green said he wanted to be “honest, critical and fair.”

That meant giving Jamar Rogers 40 points and Juliet Simms 60 this week, which was enough to make Juliet a finalist, and the only female of the remaining four.

What do you think of the judges’ decisions, and America’s votes? Did they get it right? And who will win The Voice among the final four next week?