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Fox is coming out with a new program called The Choice … which is basically The Voice, only it’s a dating show instead of a singing competition.

Seriously. There are blind auditions, spinning chairs and so on.

“Four celebrities … blind auditions … spinning chairs … but … it’s not what you think,” teases a promo that aired during American Idol last night:

The Choice Promo

The format, in which people question and choose their dates without seeing them, also recalls The Dating Game, which began in the 1960s.

The differences are the obvious rip-offs of NBC’s The Voice, and the fact that four celebrities will be the bachelors and bachelorettes involved.

Cat Deeley, host of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance, will host the new show. The participating celebrities have not yet been announced.

Fox’s Mike Darnell tells EW of the new concept:

“There hasn’t been a new [dating show] hit since The Bachelor, and there hasn’t been an in-studio one that’s worked since .he Dating Game,”

“I was thinking about how to do a blind-date show without using a wall or blindfolds, and the spinning chairs seemed like a great way to do it.”

Darnell adds, coyly: “The Choice seems like an obvious title because you have to make a choice. I’m just now realizing it rhymes [with The Voice]!”

Sure, who would have put that together, right? The Choice will debut June 7, with the first of a total of six one-hour episodes this summer.