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Skylar Laine is putting a positive spin on her American Idol elimination.

“I’m just relieved right now. No more stress,” she told reporters soon after hearing Ryan Seacrest announced her name, adding that she really was “not surprised” to get the boot.

Skylar Laine -

Ironically, Laine was eliminated on the same night Carrie Underwood performed. Many viewers saw similarities between these two country gals. (“I’m just ready to go into country music, y’all!,” Laine exclaimed backstage.)

“I’m sad, but I just want to go home. I want to go home to my family, my friends,” Skylar said. “I don’t have any regrets from this whole experience. I’ve shown what kind of artist I want to be, I’ve shown who I am, and I know what kind of album I want to make in the future if I get the chance.”

What did the judges say as a farewell?

“Jennifer didn’t say much to me at the end, she just said ‘I’ll see you later,’ but then Steven – Steven’s a fan of mine, I really love Steven — [he] and Randy both told me I’m going to have a long career hopefully.”

We feel the same. What do you think of Laine’s elimination? Did it come at the right time?