Shafeek Westbrook Impresses, Honors 9/11 Victim on So You Think You Can Dance Premiere

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So, a bunch of people think they can dance.

This popular summer competition kicked (and spun and flipped) off on Fox last night with a two-hour premiere, as judges and viewers were treated to a number of talented acts. Foremost among them?

Shafeek Westbrook, a 22-year break dancer from North Philadelphia who combined classic moves with a contemporary, interpretive flow that earned Shafeek a standing ovation.

"A friend of mine died in 9/11," Westbrook said. "My dance was supposed to be him climbing out of the rubble of the World Trade Center."

Other opening acts who stood out include:

Stepheon Stewart, who created something he refers to as the Zombie Dance.

Daniel Baker, a 23-year-old Aussie ballet dancer with no need for a shirt.

Jarell Rochelle, a 22-year old native of Huntsville, Texas with a sad personal story you can learn about here:

Bree Hafen, a 29-year old from McKinney, Texas with a ridiculously cute daughter.

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