Seattle Shooting: Ian Lee Stawicki Kills Five People, Takes Own Life in Rampage

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Police say a single gunman, Ian Lee Stawicki, shot and killed five people before taking his own life Wednesday. Family members say he suffered a mentally illness.

As Michelle Millman of CBS Seattle affiliate KIRO reports, the tragedy left shocked city residents are on edge, worried about their own safety in light of the events.

The shooting spree began in a cafe late Wednesday morning.

A bearded Ian Lee Stawicki entered a popular cafe, the Cafe Racer. Minutes later, four people were fatally shot, another wounded, as the gunman stood alone.

Police scoured north Seattle, going door-to-door, searching for the killer. The gunman headed downtown, fatally shooting a woman as he carjacked her SUV.

As patrol officers started coming in, the suspect saw that he was about to be captured, raised a firearm to his head and then shot himself in the head.

Considered one of the safest big cities, Wednesday's shootings raise the number of Seattle homicides this year to 21, surpassing the number for all of last year.