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Ronald Poppo, 65, has been identified as the victim of “Miami Zombie” Rudy Eugene, with a new video detailing the gruesomeness of the attack.

Eugene, 31, was shot and killed by police after passersby saw him eating Poppo’s face in a story that has triggered talk of a zombie apocalypse.

Poppo, who reports say was homeless for nearly four decades before the grisly incident, is in serious condition, having somehow survived it.

Be forewarned: The video below is uncensored and graphic.

Rudy Eugene Attack on Ronald Poppo

The video depicts Rudy Eugene, who was naked, straddling, punching, and ripping off Poppo’s clothing in the completely unprovoked assault.

Poppo, who was was sleeping on the causeway where this took place, was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and had his face eaten off.

Perhaps most astonishingly, a number of people drive by, including one who slows down and CLEARLY notices at the 8:20 mark, yet do nothing.

Finally, a bicyclist sees and alerts police around 16:30. Within two minutes of that, Eugene was shot dead and Poppo’s life was saved.

When officers yelled at Eugene to stop and he merely ignored their cries and continued feasting, they shot him dead in a hail of bullets.

Also nicknamed the Miami cannibal, Eugene’s horrific behavior is said to have been caused by psychosis resulting bath salts, either ingested or injected.