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Rihanna has become infamous for her Twitpics and Instagram uploads in recent months, but her latest set is strange even by her high standards.

If you thought she couldn’t top grinding with strippers or sitting on her bodyguard’s shoulders playing with white powder on his head, think again.

Wednesday morning she uploaded this one. When someone asked where she’s been as “You been quiet all day”, Rihanna replied with this pic:

Yup, her arm with an IV attached. No other comment or caption.

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky

It’s definitely her arm, too, because the elaborate nail painting job that she got before attending the Met Gala on Monday was still on display.

Said manicure, for what it’s worth, meant she was late to the event, missing her slot on the red carpet and infuriating Vogue‘s Anna Wintour.

A few hours after posting the IV picture she uploaded a pic of herself by a plane with the caption, “My ride home NY days LA nights #itwuzreal.”

This implies she’s not in hospital … or at least she’s not anymore.

Not that this is her first IV Twitpic. In November she tweeted a similar picture after being hospitalized with severe exhaustion in Sweden.

Is she exhausted again? It’s not unlikely. Girl goes hard.