Patrick Schwarzenegger Tweets Prom Photo

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Over the weekend Patrick Schwarzenegger, the son of Arnold, Tweeted a photo of himself experiencing a typical teen rite of passage: his senior prom.

The 18-year-old attended with another celebrity offspring, legendary music producer (and American Idol mentor) Jimmy Iovine's daughter Jade Iovine.

Check out their cute Instagram prom photo below:

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Jade Iovine

In addition to being a student, Patrick is a model, aspiring actor and a designer for the charity-driven clothing line Project 360. Not bad for a teenager.

In the pic, classmate Jade, in a white, strapless dress, pins a boutonnière to his tuxedo. He captioned the pic: "Prom with my best friend @jadeiovine."

Then he added "haha yes just friends."

Jade appears to be tight with the entire family. She is also friends with Patrick's older sister Katherine Schwarzenegger and messages her on Twitter.

Iovine is actively involved in the Young Woman's Conference at Brentwood School, which she attends with Patrick, and whose honorary chair is Maria Shriver.

She later wrote about the event for The Huffington Post and talked about how she was bullied growing up. Seems like a nice girl, doesn't she?

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