Octomom Bankruptcy Filing: REJECTED By Judge!

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It just keeps getting worse for Nadya Suleman.

Octomom's Chapter 7 papers were apparently not filed properly and have been rejected by the judge, leaving her bankruptcy filing null and void.

Yes, this is really possible ... you learn something every day. In any case, her creditors are now free to come after her in full force. Hooray?

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Octomom filed for bankruptcy on April 30, but according to documents filed Tuesday, Nadya didn't file all the necessary paperwork in time.

Nor did she ask the court for an extension, so her case was dismissed.

Without the Chapter 7 protection, all the people she owes bank to can come a-callin' ... and her list of creditors is quite long. Totaling over $500,000.

Let's hope Octomom's porn video career generates some much-needed revenue for her. The beleaguered mother of 14 needs to keep her DirecTV.

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