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This week Khloe & Lamar’s aired as rumors swirl around the couple in real life.

Amid divorce rumors and reports that the show will end after next week’s season finale, having sort of killed Lamar’s NBA career, the trials and tribulations of Rob Kardashian’s allegely OCD behavior seemed a bit trivial.

Hey, sometimes they script this stuff too far in advance to stay topical.

Let’s break down what went on Sunday in our Khloe & Lamar recap …

Khloe With True at Sing 2 Premiere
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“I’ve had different variations of things that I’m super anal about, or super OCD about,” Rob explains. “It doesn’t really affect my life … we all are like that in my family.” True, but Minus 10 because we’re already bored.

At least Khlo has Malika and Rob to chill with. Plus 5.

Until she doesn’t need them apparently. Jealousy arises as KK hangs with a brand new gal pal (and Russell Simmons ex), Porschla Coleman.

“I don’t know if Malika feels threatened because I have a new friend,” Khloe notes, “but no one is trying to have sex with me, like, I don’t get why do you need to be protective.” Minus 10 because that would make for a better show.

To smooth things over, Khloe takes Malika and Rob to an exotic animal sanctuary. And asks Porschla to meet them there. Minus 10.

“I really just don’t understand why Khloe feels the need to have Porschla go everywhere with us,” Malika says. “I’m only here for a couple of days, how about we spend some time?” You’re getting paid, just deal. Minus 5.

“I really don’t think I closed that bear cage that we were in, I just think you should call and confirm,” Rob says, pretending to be OCD. Minus 20.

Khloe: “I really am worried about Rob. I definitely think he has a bigger problem than what he’s willing to admit that he has.” The show’s bigger problem is that it can’t make up more interesting storylines. Minus 10.

Passive-aggressive Malika and Khloe finally talk it out, at least. Plus 15.

“I was dealing with insecurities about being so far away from Khloe, but ultimately I really just wanted us to spend time together.” – Malika. Plus 5.

“It’s a big deal to admit when I have an issue,” Rob says. “But my behavior has been weird, so I called an OCD therapist to figure out what is triggering this.” Plus 10 for at least encouraging therapy to others who might need it.