America's Got Talent Recap: Tampa or Bust

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The America's Got Talent auditions continued to roll on in Tampa Bay, Florida tonight - and Nick Cannon continued to hog the spotlight. The producers really need to tone down the amount of Nick interacting with the contestants. Seriously. This isn't Nick Cannon's Got Friends.

Overall, there weren’t a lot of great performances. The weird acts that we watched included a haircutter that tried to be Edward Scissorhands; a stunning but stereotypical hula hooper; an above-average magician; and a "Boss" dance group that may be a little too out there for mainstream America.

I don't think that any of the acts we witnessed here will win this season.

Lindsey Norton Audition

Good, Great
All That! - Every few years a good clogging team arrives and does decently. Any clogging team should have precision and strong formations and they strong precision but only okay formations. All That! seems to have a bit of an age issue combined with a lack of staging. Some more dynamic music, lighting, stronger formations, and possibly less clothing would make them more Vegas ready and create a winning combination.

The Distinguished Men of Brass - I liked the combined singing and marching band segments which gave them the right edge from a drumline. Only a little bit of production value could make them interesting, but the real question is if they could go beyond being a theme park performers.

Middle Ground
Inspired the Fire - "Urban Glee" had a positive message but I thought the introduction was a bit weak with the solos not having enough power. When they got to the dance section, they were stronger but they lacked precision. There was too much chaos between the dances and the only parts that were synchronized were very basic steps. The group needs more polish to move on.

Ulysses - The TV fan in his good luck Cosby-esque sweater had a nice voice and a bit of a niche (TV Theme Songs) and I could see production having a great time with him (See: Kinetic King).

Epic Fails
NC Bikini Bombshells - Team Jiggles didn't need to do much to win over the men, but their dancing was awful. You know what they needed? A car to dance on top of. Or hot wings. Tons of hot wings.

Michael Griffin - He was hung from the back of a horse. Enough said. He looked like he had a seizure, but he did get out.