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The Real Housewives of Atlanta had their final Reunion show last night. No, seriously. This is it. Thank goodness because I think three is really our limit.

There’s only so much screeching we can take (see part one and part two) but let’s break it all down one last time in our patented THG +/- review!

Poor Andy Cohen can barely keep this crew under control but Plus 10 for doing his best to keep them on track.

Marlo’s back. Minus 20. A little Marlo goes a long way and she and Kandi really go at it. 

Real Housewives of Atlanta

I don’t know what Marlo’s problem is with Kandi. Is it that she’s a successful woman who didn’t have to lie on her back to make her fortune?  Could be.

But the part that surprises me is that Kandi lets Marlo get under her skin. Minus 10 for getting sucked into the Marlo vortex. Kandi has no reason to defend herself. Marlo’s comments about Kandi’s boyfriend are simply classless, much like Marlo herself.

And it’s kind of scary when all of the screaming makes NeNe look like the quiet one.

Marlo says she makes her money off the haters. Huh? Even Andy calls her on that one. Minus 5. It doesn’t seem to make much sense.

Speaking of NeNe, she’s right about one thing. When you’re dating a married man, you are a mistress. Sorry Kim. 

Andy points out how odd it is that NeNe becomes the peacemaker whenever Marlo’s around. Plus 12. Somebody has to or Marlo might end up with another assault charge.

The conversation turns back to South Africa one more time and the ladies talk about how they bonded. Really? Minus 8. How long did that last? They were at one another’s throats again before they even got on the plane to come home. 

Sheree admits that she and Marlo got a bit crazed in Africa. I was relieved that a viewer wrote in asking what the heck they even said because she couldn’t understand them in those scenes. Plus 10. I was afraid it was just me.

Marlo’s still mad about not being invited to Sheree’s dinner party. She seems to think that since the host was gay he should have been thrilled to have such a fun, label loving, last minute guess. No ego here. Minus 9.

And if these flashbacks show us anything it is that Sheree has a horrible temper. She says don’t let the cute face fool you. No kidding. And the face isn’t cute enough to make up for such nonsense. Minus 7.

She even admits to blacking out and not remembering parts of arguments. Now that’s just scary.

Back to Marlo one last time. Andy calls her on her fa**ot comment and for lying about it. At least she finally owns it and apologizes but it’s hard to keep up the lie when they have it on tape to show the world.

On an good note Kim congratulates NeNe on her role on Glee and she actually sounds like she means it so Plus 10 to her.

NeNe says she’s the one who brought Kim and Sheree onto the show. Kim agrees that NeNe made the introductions and even says she’s thankful because it’s all led to her husband and KJ. Plus 9.

But NeNe says Sheree’s never thanked her and Sheree doesn’t really dispute it. Minus 8. Then NeNe claims that the producers wanted to ditch Sheree because she was too boring but NeNe went to bat for her. Oh, what good comes from this conversation now?

Finally season ends with Andy handing out I’m a Tall and I’m a Small t-shirts. Plus 5 because Bravo’s willing to sell them to the rest of us too. Lucky us.

And the season of the Talls versus Smalls has come to an end. Hopefully we’ll have enough time to recover before the next season begins.