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A very well-known young woman took it easy this week and posted a photo of herself relaxing on Twitter. Can you guess who it is, based solely on a shot of her legs?

The Twitter user in question is…

Miley and Cody Selfie

Indeed, the singer/actress Tweeted the image above on Monday, adding the following caption to the photo:

As you can see i have a very busy Monday 😉

Miley probably wishes that were true, that she could perhaps be out promoting a movie. But it was announced this week that LOL – in which Cyrus stars opposite Demi Moore – will only open in seven cities across the nation. Ouch. Tough break.

The star, meanwhile, looks to be taking a new, laid back approach to Twitter. She has gotten in trouble in the past for expressing certain views over the social network, most recently when fans took issue with what they perceived to be a diss of Jesus Christ.