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Noah Wyle has spoken out on his arrest.

The Falling Skies star was handcuffed and taken into custody on Monday after joining a group of about 100 ADAPT members who were protesting in D.C., urging Congress to not cut any Medicaid benefits.

“I think they’re really proud of the old man right now,” Wyle told the Associated Press, referring to his estranged wife and two children, while waiting to be processed.

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Adding that the experience was “slightly surreal,” Wyle joked about how both he and former ER co-star George Clooney have now been arrested in the last month.

I’ll “let George focus on the international; I’ll deal with the small domestic issues,” Wyle said.

Clooney has been active over the past year or so in expressing the need to rescue Sudanese citizens from an oppressive regime.