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The life of Lindsay Lohan is almost too ludicrous to believe sometimes.

Last night, the alleged actress returned to the scene of the alleged crime from two weeks ago, when she allegedly got into a fight with some woman.

This time, LiLo rolled to The Standard Hotel in Hollywood and went to Smoke and Mirrors, the same nightclub … and got into it with another woman.

Lindsay and Bader Image

Lindsay’s friend drove her car to the hotel, with the star in the passenger seat. The driver pulled into the parking garage and promptly hit another car.

Witnesses say Lindsay called her sometimes-estranged, oft-jailed father, Michael Lohan, for help, and he dutifully showed up … and then hung out!

MiLo took his little girl inside the club and the two chilled for hours, without any alcohol. Cute! It was all fun until some moron had to go mouth off.

Around closing time, a woman in the booth next to theirs made a snide comment about Lindsay showing up with her dad. LiLo was far from happy.

Lindsay got up and screamed, “Shut the f**k up!” The woman responded by throwing a drink in Lindsay’s face. MiLo grabbed her and bolted for the exit.

A day in the life.