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Lane Garrison has dodged a legal bullet and won’t be charged for allegedly slapping his ex-girlfriend, Playboy Playmate Ashley Mattingly, according to reports.

Garrison was arrested last weekend after an altercation with Mattingly in the lobby of her apartment complex in Beverly Hills, and he remains in jail.

The former Prison Break star isn’t eligible for bail because he’s still on parole for vehicular manslaughter, which was supposed to end this Saturday.

Right now, it looks like he’ll soon be in the clear on all accounts.

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“The District Attorney has decided not to charge Lane because they didn’t have sufficient evidence to prove that he hit Ashley,” said a police source.

Even though the entire incident was caught on surveillance video, Lane gave an exhaustive interview to detectives and denied ever hitting Ashley.

“Lane contends that he never hit Ashley, it’s just not who he is,” said the source, adding that he was simply trying to get his phone away from her.

If you watch the tape closely, Lane’s explanation is plausible, and he was apparently very convincing during long sit-downs with police detectives.

For his future, that’s a very good thing.